Compact Golf

Compact Golf £70

A battery powered electronic golf game for adults and children. Played for a prize. Target area 7 ½ft by 7 ½ft. Can be used inside or outdoors. Folds to fit in a car.




Candy Floss

Candy Floss £75

Make two flosses a minute. Sell for 50p each. Best on a low table. You supply the granulated sugar (allow 3kg per hour) Sticks and colouring £7.50 per 100. Note: a 240v supply is required.
Deluxe Model £75




Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Machine £60

Makes about 60 cones an hour. Sell for 50p a cone. Popping corn £5.00 per 5lb tub. Paper Cones £7.50 per 100. You supply the granulated sugar (allow 1 bag per 100 cones.) and 2ltrs corn oil. Note: A 240v Supply is required.




Adult Josting Pole

Adult Josting Pole £45

Metal pole on a stand; supplied with two pillows and two 12 inch thick safety mats.
Junior pole also available
Collect in a van



Games Alley

Games Alley £50

A 25ft portable wooden alley. 9 pin skittles and three balls. Golf putting skills. Horseshoe quoits. Can be used indoors or outdoors.



Duck Shoot

Duck Shotter £45

For adults and children from 7 years upwards. All the fun of the fair. Includes three cork firing rifles, shooting stall, duck stand and 10ft by 10ft net. Collect in a large estate car or van. Suggested charge 50p for 10 shots.



Junior Crossbows

Junior Crossbows £45

Suitable for all ages. Four rugged crossbows firing safety sucker darts at targets. Includes shooting stall, targets and 10ft by 10ft net. Could be used indoors or outside. Collect in a large estate car or van. Suggested charge 50p for 10 shots.



Basket Ball Challenge

Basket Ball Challenge £45

This game of skill is fun for all ages. Includes two baskets with electronic scoring and three basketballs. Suggested charge 50p for 6 shots.