Target Football

Target Football £25

Aim the football at the numbered squares.




Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune £25






Slow Horse Racing

Slow Horse Racing £25

Six horses on 75ft cords. Great indoor evening entertainment.





Milk The Cow

Milk The Cow £25

How much liquid can be milked from the cow in 30 seconds





Junior Fireground Strikers

Junior Fireground Strikers £25

Snow Whire or Mother Goose




Bowling For Bacon

Bowling For Bacon £25

Target and 3 wooden bowls. You supply the bacon joint or a cash prize.



Old Fashioned Stocks

Old Fashioned Stocks £25

Bucket and sponges.





Lucky Train

Lucky Train £25




Six Sets Of Stilts

Six Sets Of Stilts £25

For children up to 70kg







Wooden Skittles And Ball

Wooden Skittles And Ball £25





Duck Races

Duck Races £25

15 for 100 ducks.
Race them on your local stream or river. Ask for more details.